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Announcing the VII WAC - Universal Conference 2013

In the last century, in less than a blink of an eye from a geological time perspective, human beings have uncovered from the Earth crust what took billions of years and millions species to clean and detoxify. In the last 50 years the environmental movement has grown bigger, and there is now a general recognition that working towards sustainability can be a win / win situation, a big opportunity, and not, as many people see it...

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Recommendations- VII WAC Universal Conference 2013

  • India has a glorious history, rich culture and ocean of traditional wisdom. Over a period of time we have lost knowledge of this fact, and hence lost the pride associated with our country. Aqua Foundation will re-establish this through research and publications and educate children on these aspects.
  • All universities and school boards must have centres dedicated to humanity and traditional wisdom, including IIT.
  • Aqua Foundation commits to develop necessary study modules, conduct research and train the trainers to impart this knowledge. Trainer's modules to be developed in the process.
  • AF also proposed to adopt Baba Neem Karoli Maharaj centres at Delhi, Vrindavan, Akbarpur, Neeb Karori ,Kainchi and others for effectively disseminate knowledge on humanity and traditional wisdom, and serve humanity based on principles established by Maharaj Ji.
  • Medium of Art will be used more extensively to reach out to women and children.
  • Missions of Wisdom tours, women 'awakening', cow protection etc., to be pursued as detailed in the vision document.
  • Research is being conducted at various levels. AF will work towards taking this research to grass root level and implement programs on ground. Example- Bio Gas research at IIT and Bio Fuel research by private entrepreneur.
  • Details of BNKI will be worked out for vocational courses (to create employment in villages and empowering women) and other specialized courses with a defined time frame, including physical infrastructure. Web based technology to be used extensively for a wider reach.
  • AF should work towards making environment friendly steps like rain water harvesting, waste reduction etc., mandatory in schools, defence establishments, government establishments, star hotels etc.
  • It should be contemplated and attempted to devise career oriented courses in environment, humanity and traditional wisdom.

Steering Committee

Prof M S Swaminathan

Member of Parliament (Rajya Sabha) Emeritus Chairman, M S Swaminathan Research Foundation

Dr. R. K. Pachauri

Director General, The Energy and Resources Institute