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About Aqua Foundation

Aqua Foundation- Serving Earth & Humanity by implementing intense philosophy of - Love All, Feed All, Serve All.

Aqua Foundation is a Non-Governmental Organization. It was founded in year 1998. The founding member and existing members of organization are committed to bring positive change in society and are contributing selflessly to various environmental and humanitarian causes.

The organization is registered under societies act, and has compliance with all rules and regulations. Organization holds valid PAN, 12AA, 80G and FCRA. The accounts are regularly audited and meet all the statutory requirements. Organization has submitted all the utilization certificates (UC) for all the grants received form various organizations. The annual reports are regularly prepared and published on the website of the organization.

The activities of Aqua Foundation include knowledge creation, information dissemination, research and education. The organization works through a diverse range of tools and techniques like - conferences, seminars, training programs, on-line learning, capacity building, community projects, school activities etc., with prime focus on Sustainability of Humanity and Environment.

The ever balanced, ever harmonized cycles & arrangements of nature have been greatly challenged and disturbed by humans in last century, which in turn pose a threat to their own survival. The organization has intensified its efforts and actions to reverse these damages and work towards a sustainable living, in oneness with fellow humans, other living beings, plants and nature. The ultimate goal of the organization is to ensure man & nature's long-term future.

Aqua Foundation is organizing international conference 'World Aqua Congress' since year 2007. The conference aims to bring various stakeholders i.e. policy makers, researchers, academicians, industry, NGOs etc., on a common platform for meaningful discussions & deliberations and implementation & execution. 'Aqua Excellence Awards' are also key highlight of the 2 days international conference. These awards are given to promote, encourage & recognise innovations and contributions in the field of environment & humanity. www.aquafoundation.in

Aqua Foundation Presents
Aqua Foundation's Excellence Awards

The "Aqua Foundation's Excellence Awards" are the highest awards given by Aqua Foundation to its members, stakeholders and contributors in recognition of their outstanding achievements in the field of water, environment, energy, earth sciences, atmospheric sciences, planetary sciences, pollution control and sustainability solutions. Aqua Foundation honours, in each World Aqua Congress, individuals & organizations who have made a mark in their respective fields of expertise or have made a significant contribution in the field of water, environment and humanity. more...


Aqua Foundation Academy

AFA is an entity of Aqua Foundation, registered under Societies act in year 1998. AFA provides training & knowledge sharing platform to decision & policy makers, working professionals, operating level personnel and aspiring students willing to specialise in technical sector. The broad objectives of AFA are:

To organise specialised workshops for senior level officers of government departments (policy and decision makers) on latest technology developments, enabling them to be benefited by latest international research and development. more...

Angels of Humanity

Children are the future citizens. Children also have the unique advantage of having ‘un-conditioned’ mind and have the potential to change the world around us. We believe that when one of us changes our behaviour, this has a ripple effect in our community, encouraging others to do the same. In this way, we all have the power to lead the world by building an active civic society. It starts with the simple acts of standing up and doing the right thing. more...


"Memberships" an individual or an organization can find the proper platform through the society to make his voice heard by the world. By becoming a member of the society an individual or an organization can. more...


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