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Themes and Topics

Following themes broadly describe the focus areas of deliberations, with a certain degree of overlapping. The structure has been deliberately kept flexible and will evolve depending on research contributions received from participants.

Global Climate Changes and Impact on Water Resource Management
  • Validation of Future Projections
  • Creation of Comprehensive Water Data Base
  • Impact of Global Climate Change on Water Resources
  • Modelling for Future Trends
  • Solutions and Technology Development
  • Politics of Water Crisis and Climate Change
  • Climate Change and Water Security
  • Climate Change and Polar Regions

Water Resources: Availability, Management, Quality
  • Status of Water Resources
  • Water Quantity- Gaps in Demand and Supply in Various Sectors
  • Water Quality Criteria for Various Uses - Present Status
  • Water Exploration and Management - Latest Trends in Surface and Ground Water
  • Water Quality Management
  • Additional Resource Creation (such as Rain Water Harvesting, Recycling etc.)
  • Population Growth, Urbanization, Economic and Industrial Development

Water for All - Action Plan
  • Ensuring Adequate Water Quantity and Quality for All
  • Quality Monitoring Mechanisms
  • Identification of Vulnerable Sections
  • Inclusive Water Security
  • Capacity Building to Secure Inclusive and Sustainable Innovation
  • Role of Good Water Governance to Improve Inclusiveness

Enhancing Water Use Efficiency
  • Physical, Social and Economical Dimensions
  • Technological Aspects
  • Environmental Aspects
  • Enhancing Water Use Efficiency - Agriculture Sector
  • Enhancing Water Use Efficiency - Rural Sector
  • Enhancing Water Use Efficiency - Urban Sector
  • Enhancing Water Use Efficiency - Industrial Sector
  • Strategies to Increase Water Use Efficiency by 20%.

Action Plan for Vulnerable and Over - Exploited Areas
  • Identification of Critical Areas
  • Additional Resource Creation (Rain Water Harvesting,Recycling etc.)
  • Detailed Aquifer Mapping for Effective Aquifer Management
  • Technologies for Desalination, Recycling and Reuse
  • Rejuvenation of Water Bodies and Traditional Water Conservation Structures

Integrated Water Resource Management
  • Basin Level Integrated Water Resource Managemen
  • t
  • Water Transfers
  • Climate Change Considerations
  • Water Budgeting
  • Environmental Flows and Hydro-Ecology - Finding a Path Through Polluted Waters

Emerging Technologies in Water Sector
  • Water/ Wastewater Treatment
  • Water Reuse and Recycling
  • Water Quality Management
  • Drinking Water: Purification, Bottling, Supply
  • Salinity Management
  • Latest Technologies in Water Exploration and Management
  • Software for Water
  • AI and IOT based DSS in Water Management
  • Rainwater Harvesting
  • Ground Water Management and Modelling
  • Technologies for Irrigation and Agriculture
  • Water Leakage Technologies
  • Utilities and Utility Management

Financial, Institutional, Legal and Policy Issues
  • Water Policy and Water Usage Reform
  • Water Rights, Pricing and Laws
  • Government's Role in Water Management
  • Water Access as a Fundamental Right
  • Laws to Prevent Pollution of Water Bodies and Aquifers
  • Municipalities and Sustainable Water Management at Local Level
  • Water Infrastructure – Investment and Financing


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